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Meet the Designer:

At QWERTY Graphics, my goal is to provide you with web sites, custom graphics and digital enhancements that maintain high quality standards and low costs. The majority of design services are so expensive that small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors can barely afford to project their services in a professional and aesthetically pleasing form.

I will work within your budget and still produce desired results without sacrificing quality or creativity.

I believe that paying thousands for a 5 page website or promotional graphics with relatively simple content is ridiculous and just unfair.

You will be provided with a detailed pricing list that includes options regarding bandwith, storage, premium graphics and domains if applicable. There are No hidden fees or surprise costs and you will not be charged for things you don't need.

I want to change the graphic and web design market to a friendly and affordable place that helps Everyone become successful and generate profit, not just myself.


Let me work with you to create something beautiful.


-Amrit Boochoon

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